– Scam Or Legit? Find Out Here…

With so much uncertainty in the world today, it’s no wonder why so many people are looking to psychic services for advice and guidance. But buyer beware, there are lots of fraudulent companies and individuals in this industry, so it makes sense to wonder if there is any truth to the Psychic Source scam.

Without a doubt, there are many psychic networks out there that give out nothing but fortune cookie readings and false hopes on their calls. You may remember those late night commercials with “Miss Cleo” the psychic, or the infamous “Psychic Friends Network” who were just a bunch of dishonest actors who have soiled the reputation of the psychic industry. On the contrary, Psychic Source is definitely NOT one of those companies.

It’s not surprising that some might think that psychic networks might be taking advantage of unsuspecting clients. The truth is, unscrupulous companies have been doing this for years. The biggest difference though, is that Psychic Source is well-known for looking out for the best interest of its customers as well as their vigorous psychic testing process.

Here’s Why Is The Real Deal

First of all, they put the customer first. The customer can request how they want to receive their reading (via online chat or over the phone), pays the amount they would like to spend, then speaks to the psychic advisor of their choice. With the other psychic networks, customers credit cards are charged additional call charges when a psychic gives long drawn out readings that leaves the customer wanting (and paying) for more. With Psychic Source, the customer is in charge of how much they want to invest – kind of like how a prepaid phone card works.

Second, Psychic Source only hires tested and proven psychics, not wannabe prophets or would-be fortune tellers. Each psychic advisor is certified by the network and has successfully passed a number of exams to prove their talents. The extensive testing process ensures that the network hires only the best advisers that can offer authentic psychic readings to their customers.

Lastly, Psychic Source has been a trusted psychic service for over 26 years. Respected for their superior service and accurate readings, the company is able to maintain its customer-centric model by offering each and every customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll love your reading or it’s free!

You Can Trust

There are lots of frauds and scamsters who are more than eager to give you generic readings and charge you exorbitant fees. Fortunately for us, Psychic Source provides real experienced, authentic psychics who really care about their customers.

When you are in need of some honest advice and guidance, know that you have great friends just a phone call away.  All of the advisers are trained to be sympathetic, kind and truly helpful to everyone who calls seeks their services.  Give them a shot, you could get some valuable insight and direction to help you with your life journey.  Right now they are offering free 5 minute readings just to try them out, and if you decide to get a paid reading, you’ll get an additional 3 minutes free!

Best of luck!


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