Review: California Psychics Real or Ripoff?


California Psychics is a psychic network based platform that was developed in 1995 and has provided over 2 million psychic readings until today. The psychic network has employed over 3000 psychic readers who specialize in different areas such as relationships, love, money and career.

The network is full of experienced psychic readers who posses psychic abilities. Their abilities have been tested in their respective field therefore ensuring millions of customers get to be satisfied. The platform offers customers who want to experience the world of psychic advisers with the confidence, privacy and satisfaction one deserves.

What types of readings are offered?

According to the website, there are different categories of psychic readings offered on the network and they include:

  • Love and relationships
  • Career and money
  • Destiny and life path
  • Past lives
  • Deceased loved ones
  • Pets
  • Lost objects

The psychics utilize different tools in their readings and some of them include tarot cards, numerology, runes, astrology, I-Ching and many more.



The web-based platform offers customers different tools, subjects, abilities and prices therefore providing them with freedom to choose psychics who fit their needs. The following are special features of the platform.

Compassionate and straightforward reader styles

Clients who interact with the advisers will get to have their readings done in either a warm style or in straight forward manner. The reading style is designed to be compassionate, straightforward and inspirational.

Daily horoscope and blog

The platform offers customers daily horoscopes where one can check them online or have it sent to their email. Apart from that, the platform has a blog where they get to post interesting psychic, love and relationship articles. They are free and readers get to learn new stuff.


How does it work?

The platform offers psychics an opportunity to meet customers and provide various readings touching on different aspect of their lives. The psychics are available online and are ready to guide the customer through their most important life decisions. There are many psychics who specialize in different areas therefore a customer is assured of finding the right fit.

The platform has been designed to be easy to use not only for the customers but for the psychics too. In order for one to join the network and receive psychic readings, they need to follow the steps below.

A.  Register

Before you start receiving psychic readings, you need to have an account on the platform. Start by clicking on register. Sign up in order to create an account. Fill in the required fields such as first name, last name, email, password, date of birth and phone number among others.

Once you have filled in the correct information, you need to click submit. If the form detects that a field is not filled, it will notify the individual by declining to submit the data.

B.  Search for the Perfect Psychic

As the customer, you need to find the right psychic who will read for you your fortune. There are hundreds of advisers available on the platform and each has their own specialty. From love and relationships to career and money, the choice is yours.

With the right adviser, you can get guidance and clarity in all areas of your life.

 C.  Enjoy your Reading!

Once you have created an account and selected your preferred psychic, you can now have access to your reading. Start by finding a quite place where you can get to focus and open up. Once the call comes through, start by taking deep breathes as this will help to create a strong connection with your psychic.

 D.  Pay for the Service

The psychics charge a minimum rate of $1 for every reading you receive. Once you receive your reading, you need to pay for the service.


How to Make the Most of Your Reading

The one thing that every customer needs to know is that before receiving a psychic reading, one needs to be focused, relaxed and ready. In order for the psychic to get a better reading of you, you need to let your barriers down and become open to all possibilities in your life.

Start by simply being yourself followed by letting your inner thoughts come out in your questions. You need to act as though you are speaking to a friend when interacting with the psychic. The psychics appreciate that you have so much to talk about but to ensure proper readings you need not to anticipate the answers before you receive them. Trust what your psychic tells you and follow the path they are guiding you to.



New customers usually receive their first reading for $1 per minute. The rate changes as time goes by and it all depends with what the psychic has set. There are psychics who will offer discounts on the normal rates for new members only.

On a customer’s birthday, they will receive a one-time 10% discount. There is also the Karma Rewards program which enables customers to rack points which go towards free readings.



  • The platform connects psychics and customers from different parts of the world
  • The platform is easy to use and you can do so in three simple test
  • Customers can search for the right psychic that fits their needs
  • Psychics can set their own rates therefore earning money in the process
  • The platform offers clients a karma reward program where they get to rack points used to get free readings.



  • A Google search for “California Psychics scam” turns up negative reviews on platforms like Ripoff report
  • The customers can only receive their readings via telephone and not via email or online.


The Stringent Psychic Screening Process

To join the network, psychics have to undergo rigorous phone interviews to ensure that they will be able to offer quality readings. Psychics are monitored especially the feedback they provide to their clients. This is part of the screening process and it helps to ensure that information provided is helpful.

The network claims that only two psychic applicants are selected out of 100 who apply to the network. They also undergo a through testing process where applicants are tested for compassion, professionalism and desire to help plus accuracy of readings.

Final Thoughts

According to the California Psychic’s website, the platform prides itself in taking each psychic through a rigorous test and screening process in order to ensure that client’s receive the best readings. While the company has invested in state of the art technology that allows advisers to interact with clients, clients can only receive the readings via phone and not email or online.

For customers , it is easy to join and use the network and it only takes 3 steps – sign up, search for the right network and finally receive your readings.

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