Review: Psychic Source and a Free Reading Promo Code


When faced with a tough decision in life, you may need to turn to a professional psychic for helpful advice in navigating life’s obstacles. In our Psychic Source review, we break down the basics of the services offered on the website so that you have the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision.


Psychic Source employs 286 psychics that are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to offer helpful advice to those who seek enlightenment. This service has been in the business of offering friendly and compassionate readings for over 25 years. The website is easy to use and offers a wide variety of services to guide customers in daily decisions. Readings provide predictions and advice on work, family and love situations and can give you direction.



Since Psychic Source has been advising customers for the past 25 years, they offer a wide range of services from readings, clairvoyance, mediums and tarot to dream interpretations.

The website interface is easy to navigate and offers a plethora of information on the services offered as well as the psychics themselves. Customers are able to easily seek out a gifted psychic based on their talents, gifts or skills.

Tori Spelling on Psychic Source

Tori Spelling was recently named celebrity spokesperson for Psychic Source.

Tori Spelling is a celebrity spokesperson for the website, which may lend to its credibility.

The network is devoted to screening their psychics through a variety of tests to ensure that customers are receiving quality readings. For added convenience, clients are able to receive a psychic reading over the telephone or through live chat.

Talented adivsers are always on hand to provide a great user experience for clients. For new customers to the service, the company cuts the price of all readings to $1.00 per minute as an introductory rate. The professional psychics offer readings on love, family, career and relationship situations with a clear focus on compassion and informational predictions.

Services offered include live readings, angel card readings, numerology, clairvoyants, mediums, past life and many more. The website also offers horoscopes on a daily basis to all visitors.


Lastly, Psychic Source offers gift cards for those who wish to bestow the gift of this service to others and a satisfaction guarantee for their services. Readings are offered via live chat or over the telephone to add a level of convenience to those seeking answers to questions or full readings.



Several users of the service have complained on message boards that the predictions given to them by the psychics never came to pass. Another complained that when confronted with poor predictions, psychics on this website were rude and evasive in their responses.

Information dispensed by psychics on this website can be construed as general and uninformative. After the introductory period is over, you can be charged a lot of money per minute in order to get the help you may need. A former psychic worker using the website complained that those in charge of the network only wished for the psychics to keep clients on the line longer instead of providing a quality user experience.

There isn’t a feeling of community established on the website as it does not provide a forum or message board for clients.

With regard to convenience, the website should consider adding the ability to receive various readings through email as well as instant messaging and text messages.

Lastly, we would advise those in charge of this network of psychics to add the ability for appointment scheduling to add a level of convenience for busy professionals.



As with any product or service, you must do your research. If you have a question that needs answering or seek a specialized type of service, go to the website and narrow down several psychics who can meet your needs.

Read the reviews on other clients’ experiences with the psychics chosen and go with your gut when it comes to your selection. Keep track of your predictions and only use a psychic of whom you feel comfortable.

Psychic Source has many gifted readers, so you are bound to find one that resonates with you. Return calls are offered for those psychics who are busy attending to other clients. Also, with elaborate profiles set up for each psychic, you can choose one based on any number of factors. These include the psychic’s schedule of availability, their area of specialties, tools and reading styles. These detailed profiles tell clients background information on the psychics as well as their gifts and talents. On the profile page, there are user generated reviews so that new clients have an adequate overall representation of the services previously rendered by the psychic.

In addition, for psychics who are away or assisting other clients, the website offers recommendations for other gifted advisers in the network.

On, you can view a list of articles and media dedicated to the specialties and talents covered by their wide variety of professional readers. With the articles provided, you can gain a new knowledge of astrology, mediums, clairvoyance, tarot readings and more. Also included on the website for free are articles on health and wellness, career advice, sun signs, love and loss, relationships – along with videos and podcasts. These informational tools are available free of charge and provide in-depth advice by qualified psychics on dealing with a wide variety of scenarios in life.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your last reading with a psychic using this network, it is completely free. It is worth it to browse the selection of psychics in the network and see if there is a connection.

Psychic Source’s website is easy to use and can connect you with any number of talented psychics that are able to help you in life. If you have a question or seek direction, you can always turn to a gifted psychic who can advise you. Trust your instincts when seeking the help of a psychic, but if you’re looking for more of a community type feel, this is not the website for you.

Now while the network is great, but it does lack in certain areas. If you are confronted with a work situation and aren’t able to do the live chat or a phone reading, you’re probably going to want to find another psychic website for a reading. While the site’s navigation is easy to use, when hovering anywhere near the top toolbar, you receive a dropdown box with the network’s introductory offer. Also of note is that the official spokesperson for the website is TV personality Tori Spelling. This may prove to be a solid endorsement, but we’re guessing that while she may use their services, she was more than likely paid for use of her image in conjunction with the website’s services.


If time and money are not factors in your decisions, then Psychic Source can provide useful guidance to you. However, if time, money and availability are factors, you may want to look elsewhere.